Racing and Breeding Outcomes


Measuring Breeding and Racing Outcomes

                    English Channel Foal

There is no system using pedigree analysis and racing performance that can guarantee  breeding and racing outcomes. Biological systems are too complex. What we can do is use all the information which is available to build up a profile about each horse we are investigating. This combination of techniques will bring closer finding or breeding a superior horse than relying on random selection. It’s a bit like using a check list-the more boxes that are checked positively the closer you will be to your goals To reach a successful requires extensive use of data bases and these data bases have only become readily available through the expansion of the internet. This has enabled breeding and racing outcomes to be more closely matched.

Data Bases

We make extensive use of both free and subscription data bases including:

We also occasionally use the general internet and racing sites in NZ, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and South Africa. 

Racehorse Evaluation

We can evaluate a horse as it stands or will become as the result of a mating using

  • Horse and family racing records.
  • Line breeding in the pedigree of the horse and proof that it has worked in the past.
  • Inbreeding especially for daughters from high quality mares.
  • A  Six Generation Female index (6GFI) from Stake Winners in the female tail line.
  • Data to provide a PRI matched against similar horses in our data base.
  • A Dosage evaluation.
Recommendations for breeding a mare

To provide a report on Stallion selection the following methods will be employed such as:

  •  complete pedigree analysis to identify the merit of line breeding and inbreeding
  • A Six Generation Female Index  (6GFI) from  Stake Winners in the female tail line
  • Identification of  Stallions for a compatibility match and which are available
  • Assessment of previous breeding outcomes and the breeding and racing results of the immediate family
  • Broodmares stallion performance
  • Stallion’s breeding record